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Do you suffer from Diabetes?

Are there boxes of unused strips lying around your house which haven’t been used?

Does turning them into cash sound like a good idea and recover some of the money spent?

We purchase your strips

We will buy your unused sealed package of strips at a really great price. This is doe in a secure, straightforward manner that is the best way to get cash for them them. As a professional service; you’ll get run around or underhanded dealings here. Just send us your unused strips. They are bought in a professional manner, money is transferred to either your PayPal account with “Same Day Service” or if preferred a cashier’s check will be cut for you or a money order. It’s that simple.

What Brands are acceptable?

We accept almost every brand used on almost any meter. Such as the ones sold from Wal-Mart or that are sold by pharmacies anywhere.

We accept almost every brand of strips manufactured in the U.S. and abroad. For example if the strips werer bought from Wal-Mart, any of the other chain drugstores like Walgreens, or from the Mega Marts. Our list of current Brands and prices are available for quote.

Just call, us and receive a free quote. Call in and get speedy service andl receive the quote the immediately or on the same day. We guarantee 100% payment as long as the strips meet the requirements as mentioned above.


We are looking strips for most of the popular Brands of Glucometers on the market and offer a competitive price for them as well.

Can you make money selling extra boxes of strips?

Many people ask is it legal to get cash for their strips? The answer is yes. As long as the strips belong to you, they may sold by you. The only caveat “Were they purchased for your own use or received them as a gift.” The only other requirement is that they still be in their factory-sealed box, which is in good condition.

What other requirements are there?

  1. The strips must not be expired or within a month of the day, they will be delivered to us.
  2. The expiration date must be stamped on the box by the manufacturer.
  3. Strips given as samples cannot be sold.
  4. If they are marked with a red line indicating they are from Medicare or Medicaid, cannot be accepted either.

How many boxes can be sold?

You’ll be pleased to know that we can purchase as many extra boxes of strips that you desire to part with. However, it is recommend that one should always keep enough on hand to supply your current needs so you will not run out. If it is discovered that you’re going to run out and require your shipment back. Please be advised there will be a $15.00 handling and shipping fee to have them returned to you.

How will do you make sure of payment?

Since all business is done through the U.S. Mail. Your shipping information that is required to settle any disputes about delivery of the strips to us. As long as we have that information, payment will be made, as our service wants all our customers to be totally satisfied with our services and to avoid any complications.

In fact, there guarantee to send payment promptly upon receipt of your package. It is also guaranteed that all out clients will get the exact price quoted. at time of contact us to obtain a quote. Again, however, this is all dependent as the strips that were send to us meet the requirements mentioned above.

What about expiration dates?

We will accept your package of strips as long as they have an expiration date of at least a year remaining the time of receipt.

For example, were you to send a box marked with an expiration date of 19 February 2015, it would have to arrive prior to 19 February 2014 in order for them to be acceptable to us.

However, on certain Brand names, will receive a reduced price if they expire between two and six months after the year limit. But this is only good on certain Brands and they have to be quoted to before shipment to us.

Does your company buy anything else other than strips?

This question often comes up, we can only accept strips. But, $1.00 is offered for each box of lancets for the following Brands:

l Bayer Microlet

l Accu-Chek Softclix

l Accu-Chek Multiclix

l Freestyle

l Onetouch Ultra-Soft

If our policy changes it will be noted on this web site.

Who pays the postage for shipping the strips?

Q: Will reimbursement occur for shipment of Strips?

A: All the shipping costs of sending in strips is covered.

All shipping and handling for the package send. The following rates apply, up to $3.50 for First Class package 3 ounces and under.

Sshipping a larger package then it is suggested going to your local post office and asking for a Priority Mail Flat rate Box. These are free and the postal clerk will seal it for you. If it is decided, you’re going to use Priority Mail Flat boxes, reimburse of up to $5.20, $10.95 $14.95 for the small medium and large boxes.

However, for packages that weigh 13 ounces or less, use the First Class Mail service. For all other sized packages, use the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

In the event, something is sent that cannot be accepted for various reasons. Reimbursement of the shipping is based on estimated postage for the product shipped to us.

Another thing to keep in mind, reimburse cannot be given for certified mail or signature confirmation and also no reimbursement will occur for insurance that was put on the package being sent are sending us.

When something is shipped to us, the best way is to use the methods that were outlined above in order that your package arrives in an undamaged condition. Please enclose a copy of the quote that was received via e-mail and please contact information, such as phone number and e-mail address so contact may be attempted in case there are any issues with your shipment.

You’re a reimbursement will come via a money order or PayPal transaction depending on the choices made at the time of the requested a quote.

Why use our service?

You should use our service because these are the best following benefits:

  1. Always available
  2. Rapid callback if there was any difficulties reaching us
  3. Guaranteed payment within 24 hours of receiving a package
  4. 15-minute receipt of payment using PayPal
  5. The quickest turnaround time of any company in the business

Having extra test strips is no longer a problem, as this is the location on the web where Netizens can easily without any hassles, get rid of them and receive a quick cash guarantee.

So if boxes of testers are piling up in a cabinet at your home give us a call today and turn them into cash.